MailBox Services

PakMail Lawrenceville brings a whole new meaning to “Mail Forwarding”. When you use us as your post office, you can treat your mail just as you do your email. Whether it is U.S. Postal Mail, UPS, FedEx or any courier company, we can handle all your mail and important documents without the normal delays. This is a new, more convenient way to handle your mail. With our remote mailbox service, you can keep in contact with your paper mail wherever you are.

Mail Forwarding Steps

Steps for Your Mail Forwarding Service

We provide you with a mailing address which is accessible online. What will PakMail Lawrenceville’s Mail Forwarding service do for you? It allows you to:

  • Access your mail online from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Secure Mail Scanning.
  • Forward your mail to anywhere in the world.
  • Shred and recycle you mail.
  • Deposit your checks.


When your mail arrives at your very own PO Box, we will scan the envelope, then send you an email with the scan, the return address, and any other pertinent information. You can then decide if you want us to open it for you. If so, we will then send you a scan and you then make the decision as to what you would like us to do with each piece. You can do all of this online.

Access Your Mail Online

Log in to your online control panel for easy access to all of your mail anywhere there’s an internet connection. You will receive an email notification whenever a new piece of mail arrives, and can log in to view the sender, date received, and a full-color image of the front of each envelope.

After reviewing your mail items, you can choose how we handle your mail items. If you want to see the contents, you can have us securely open and scan the letter, which will then be easily accessible from your online control panel. If you need the actual letter or package, we will mail it and any other mail items you request to have forwarded to any address in the world. And if you no longer have any need for the item, you can have it securely shredded and recycled.

Secure Mail Scanning

You no longer need to wait for mail to be forwarded to view and respond to important documents. Simply request to have a piece of mail scanned and a PDF file containing an image of the envelope and its contents will be posted to your account within 1 business day. All plans include a set number of scans per month, and you can pay on a per-scan basis after that.

All scans are performed in beautiful full-color 200 dpi and are optimized for maximum readability. Mailbox Forwarding’s scanning produces high quality images that can be viewed, saved, and printed from wherever you are.

All scans take place in a fully secured environment. Your mail will only be out of its envelope long enough to scan it, after which the envelope will be placed back in secure storage.

Forward Mail Anywhere in the World

After you’ve decreased the number of items in your mailbox by shredding and scanning mail that you may not need physically, you can have any items that you still need forwarded to you at some of the industry’s lowest shipping costs. You can have your mail shipped almost anywhere in the world through FedEx or the U.S. Postal Service. In addition, whenever possible, we will combine your items into a single shipment to reduce costs. You can also set up automatic daily, weekly, or monthly forwarding if you aren’t able to regularly log in to view your mail.

You can choose the particular pieces of mail you want forwarded, the address you want them shipped to, and the shipping speed and carrier each time you request a forward. No other service gives you this much control and flexibility.

If you’re forwarding letters under 13 oz, you can have them shipped via USPS First Class Mail at the lowest rates available. There are 5 shipping speeds to choose from, and we pass along the carriers’ posted shipping rates with no markup except for an incidental handling fee per item to ensure that you receive the best rates on shipping.

Shred and Recycle Your Mail

When you request that we destroy a mail item it will be shredded on site before being recycled. This eliminates the threat of two of the most common forms of identity theft: dumpster diving and mail theft. Additionally, you can choose to have the original document shredded, but retain the scanned copy in the Archive folder in your online control panel for as long as you wish.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, only 39% of direct mail was recycled in 2006 and the most common reason for not recycling mail was the lack of convenience. Mailbox Forwarding makes it easy to recycle with the click of a button. Due to the convenience of recycling with our platform, we find that over 80% of the mail that passes through our facility is recycled – almost double the national average! Additionally, overt junk mail items, such as those addressed to “Current Resident” or “Occupant”, are immediately recycled and never even show up in your account or count toward your monthly limit.

Easily Deposit Checks You Receive

Mailbox Forwarding’s deposit by mail service is a simple and convenient way to handle checks you receive at your mailbox address. When you receive a piece of mail, scan it, and discover that it contains a check, you can have it deposited into your US bank account through our online interface.

This service is available for any bank that supports mail-in deposits. Deposit by mail addresses for the top ten US banks (Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Comerica, HSBC, ING, SunTrust, USAA, and Wells Fargo) are already built into our system, so the process is as simple as selecting the mail that contains your checks and providing your bank account number, which we will stamp on the back of the check before sending it. If you use a smaller regional bank, they may also offer a deposit by mail service, and you can use our check deposit interface to provide the name and mailing address of your bank. No complicated setup necessary.